Our experience

PFV Disciplinare Vigneto

Le nostre esperienze:

Pirodiserbo asparago

Dott. Luciano Trentini – Asparago

Dott. Luciano Trentini – Off. Mingozzi -Pirodiserbo su Asparago

Disciplinare Asparago

Our experience:

Asparagus flame weeding

Luciano Trentini – Asparagus

Luciano Trentini – Off. Mingozzi -Flame weeding on Asparagus

Banker Golf flame weeding

Goblet-shaped orchard flame weeding

Flame weeding of orchard – front mounted

Flame weeding of orchard – tracked machine

Kiwi flame weeding

PTE flame weeding on seeder

Open field PTRF flame weeding in France

Red rice flame weeding

Greenhouse flame weeding

Orchard desuckering flame weeding

Kiwi desuckering flame weeding

Flame weeding in “Navarra Foundation”!!

BlueBerry Poland


  Desuckering flame weeding on hazel

Desuckering on hazel

Desuckering on hazel – Comparison of Techniques

Thanks for the kind co-operation of La Coldiretti, 4A plant in Alba and in particular to Mr BENOTTO
Desuckering on hazel – CRAVANZANA – Comparison of Techniques

Carrot flame weeding

Flame weeding on onions

Dodder flame weeding

Potato flame weeding

Flame weeding on potatoes

Flame weeding on weeder

PM 14-6

Flame weeding on vineyards

Desuckering and Flame weeding on vineyards

Prosecco Vineyard

Flame weeding of olive tree – side sliding

Nursery flame weeding

Open nursery flame weeding

Breeding flame disinfection

Obstwein-Technik flame weeding

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Flame weeding on mini dumper “MERLO” at Laimburg

Flame weeding in POYSDORF – AUSTRIA

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Flame weeding in CRESPINA – PISA

Flame Weeding Nantes