Extensive farming

Maize – Soy – Sunflower

Apply flame weeding at the same time weeds are pulled, when the growth stage of the crop to be treated makes it resistant to the heat generated by the burners aimed at the row.

This growth varies depending on the type of crop to be treated.

As a reference the average crop height exposed to flame weeding should be 20 cm while the working speed may vary between 3 to 5 km/h according to the degree of weed infestation.

LPG consumption for flame weeding maize, soy or sunflower depends on the degree of weed infestation in the field, which is also a key factor for the equipment advance speed.

For instance, for a flame weeder working on 6 rows, the approximate consumption of LPG is 45 kg per hour. As it is linked to the inter-row width (75 cm in this case), the surface treated varies from 0.9 to 1.5 hectares per hour depending on the speed used.

The equipment consists of 2 burners aimed at and operating on each row to be treated. Each burner features an air jet so channelled as to control the heat directed towards the crop. The fan is driven by the rear power take-off of the tractor. The units so built are fitted on each independent element bearing the weeder hoes.

The control and safety systems can detect any equipment malfunction and also automatically get activated even if the operator is not present.