About us

Officine Mingozzi was born in the 50’s from the manufacturing vision and entrepreneurial genius of Natale Mingozzi. Professionalism and know-how turned Officine Mingozzi into a benchmark within the region and beyond in a few years, also offering repair and maintenance services for agricultural machinery and earthwork equipment.

In the 80’s the far-sightedness of the new generation of the Mingozzi family, sons Marco and Marino, supported by the experience acquired in the sector of agriculture and technological innovation, led them to blaze a path in the manufacture and marketing of flame weeding machinery and equipment both in Italy and Europe.

Nowadays, the company boasts an over 30-year experience in the market and is a leading company in the flame weeding sector. It has become a benchmark clients seeking advice on machinery or selling/buying them and who find in Officine Mingozzi, not only a business relation but also source to compare and exchange ideas for applying and developing treatment techniques and agricultural processes.

Nowadays the company offers a full range of services from the pre-sales consulting to after-sales, to technical support and spare part replacement in order to assist to and care for its customers.

Sturdiness, ease of use and reliability added to top-level technical and safety standards make all machines by Officine Mingozzi synonymous with QUALITY

Currently the company boasts a long experience of joint projects with major experimental research institutes working in field of agricultural mechanics as well as with universities and joint works with the main agricultural bodies in Italy and Europe.

Nowadays due to its vast sales network, patents for machinery, and the recognition obtained, OFFICINE MINGOZZI is synonymous of FLAME WEEDING!