Green and non-agricultural areas

Problems and responsibilities in connection with Italian LEGISLATIVE DECREE No. 194 published in the Official Journal No. 122 of 27 May 1995

This decree governs the introduction into the market of phytosanitary products and the “USE OF FLAME WEEDING IN NON-AGRICULTURAL AREAS” The numerous problems and restrictions introduced by the standard above. Find attached a copy the main page:


have significantly modified the operation methods of flame weeding in areas defined and identified as non-agricultural. As an example, we report the implementation decree of the EMILIA-ROMAGNA REGION

Resolution No. 1469 by the Regional Council, 7 September 1998

The use of the flame weeding equipment that we manufacture helps obtain results and costs that can be compared with the most widespread flame weeding chemicals currently approved and regularly registered for non-agricultural areas; with the advantage of not falling within the restrictions and standards introduced for their use.

The use of flame weeding equipment is 100% eco-friendly and for this reason it is also recommended by the strictest organic standards.