The flame weeding technique may be applied using different methods and with different types of equipment depending on the problems to be tackled in orchards, vineyards or kiwi groves. Operation modes and speed, and therefore costs of the execution, depend on how much weed has grown and spread and the type of operation to be implemented.

The different types of flame weeding application can be used as: :

  • Weed control
  • Sterilisation of pruning waste on the soil in order to eliminate fungal diseases

Therefore, different types of equipment are used to satisfy the various demands, also depending on the particular environmental and crop problems found, such as different inter-row width, morphological differences of the soil, variety of cultivation methods, and so on.

The flame weeding technique is applied on a fruit tree or vine row for a maximum span of 60 cm for each application.

This equipment does not need to have any retractable part. Place it about 30 cm from the row centre and the flame fully hits the area to be treated including the plant stalk.

The equipment is fitted with air inlets that are used to check that the flame generated by the burners is adequate. An electronic control unit with a magnetic attachment next to the tractor driver’s seat controls the equipment.

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